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 Kevokilla GameMaster Application

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I madE a Post
I madE a Post

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PostSubject: Kevokilla GameMaster Application   Thu Jan 01, 2009 8:09 pm

3)Location(Country):United States of America
3.A)ive played the actually maplestory since about 2months it came out.
3.B)well mon-fri probbaly 7hrs+ and on weekends or vacation probably 12hrs +.
3.C)I am fluent in English and know some spanish and gonna start taking classes in french.
3.D)I am very organized as you can currently see.
3.E)3pm-10pm PET(pacific eastern time) on mon-fri so thats 7 hrs .and 9am-1am PET(pacific eastern time)on sat-sun or vacation which is 15hours i can get on and this is the times i can be on when other are not.
4)Why you think you are qualified to be a GM:
4.A)I have been gm in 6 servers and never have had one complaint
4.B) Ive been a beta tester in Runescape and moderator/gm in many servers which is also the basic concept of maplestory
4.C)I would stick with the server no matter what.
5)How would you handle a hacker:
5.A)Well If he keeps hacking i would perm ban or if it was a really bad hack like pin crack or etc.
5.B)If i caught him like god mode i would jail him or dc him or temp ban this also goes with vac
5.C)If i get picked i plan on makeing a list of names and everytime i catch a minor hacks i will give a strike and i will go on 3 strike policy
Would you post your bans:Yes and i would post Reason and time
7)Any additional information:
7.A)Well i was from newyork but moved and currently at law school, i bought a house off campus so i can have Independence, I will obey your decision and i wont abuse power. Since i have experience in law i have a idea what is fair and what is not.
7.B) if your trying to code or do something important would u want people to go HELP HELP HELP ME!!!! they could ask me instead of bugging you
8)Extra extra stuff
8.A) I would never leave your server if u messed up or if you do something bad cause i know if you can live through the bad just quit cause the bad is the foundation to the good
8.A) as you can tell i am organized i am fair i know whats right and whats not and know when ive crossed the line if i ever did which i wouldnt
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Kevokilla GameMaster Application
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