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 Aaron'z Application

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I made A Few PoSt's
I made A Few PoSt's

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PostSubject: Aaron'z Application   Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:18 am

Aaron Rodruigez


Why You want to be a GM:
I love interacting with new people and making new friends. I would hold events to make people happy and bring new fellow friends to the server. Yes i know being a Game Master is not just banning, but I'm extremely active so I will ban and interact. Some of my friends call me addicted, but I ignore them as i just love playing this server. I will help newcomers as much as I possibly can. I will not give them free items as they have to earn their items themselves, but I can help them in anyway to teach them to help themselves. Where to train, Where to make mesos etc. For hackers, if i see anyone hacking. I will not tolerate it. An immediate ban. No pleading, no saying "I'm sorry I will not hack again" But if someone smega's about someone hacking. I wouldn't automatically ban them as I would find out if they are actually hacking. I will be the quickest I can be to find out if the person is really hacking. I'm not a person who levels up friends, because they don't play Maplestory. They play Runescape and Wow.

Why should we pick you:
I'm friendly and helpful. Mostly to all new characters and I really believe that since I go for large parts of my day without any GMs online I can fill in the gap where they are not online and be able to help those new characters and welcome them to the server so that it is less daunting than it seems when you are one of the few people online or just in need of any help. I'd also be able to host events for the people that are online at these times because there are many hours that pass before a GM who does host events comes online which I think is a shame for those players who miss out on the fun and the goodies from an event. I would definetly be dedicated to being a GM and take it seriously. I could accept people disliking me if it is for the good of the server but I'd like to hope that this would rarely happen as the main job of a GM should be helping people and Maple Story is a game so people should be enjoying themselves but I would not quit anything just because a few people don't like what I have to do. Lastly, because i have many skills such as in NPC coding, PHP scripting, being a GM, etc.


I've been an Admin twice, a GM 5 times, and a Coder twice. I've always done my best and never put anyone down. I plan to help the server. If I have extra money i'll donate to this server. I might try to upgrade the server somehow.

Etc: My time zone is GMT -5 hours. I'd like to apply to a Admin position and if I can't I'd like to be a GM.
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PostSubject: Re: Aaron'z Application   Thu Dec 25, 2008 2:14 am

lol Admin Position? lol!

-Readed and Closed-

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Aaron'z Application
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