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 Tiger's gm app

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I made A Few PoSt's
I made A Few PoSt's

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PostSubject: Tiger's gm app   Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:06 am

Name: justin
Age: 16


Why do I want to be a GM?

I always try to help a lot of people when ever I am on

How long have I Played Maplestory?

I've played for about 2-3 years on GMS, but found it to be boring. I've been playing WinterStory for about 1 week and I think it is just amazing. Also about a year or two ago, I played on a private server called Maple Geek. I was also a moderator for a short time.

My Grammar/Spelling

I would rate my grammar about an 8/10, and my spelling is alright. I tend to have a few typos, but never intentionally. I also speak a little bit of Spanish and Italian.

Do you know me?

yes. lol!

Do you think I'll do a good job?

I will do my best to answer any question, help others, be extremely active, EST.


im almost always on.on weekends im on from 9am(est) to about 2am(est).on weekdays im on 3pm(est) to 12(est)

About me?
I’m am nice, calm, and I am always willing to help out and be your friend =]. I listen to various types of music, and just about the only thing that takes me away from maple story is when I have to go change the song I am listening to!! . My hobbies are skateboarding and I like to play drums. My friends and I are getting a band going and it seems to be working out good. I care for others and I am responsible and very respectful to others.

i have lots of exp i have own my own privite sever but it did not work out because it cost to much mony to keep running my home pc 24/7. i know most of the codes. if people have problems i will help them in the best of my effort!
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PostSubject: Re: Tiger's gm app   Mon Dec 22, 2008 11:09 am

-readed and locked- afro

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Tiger's gm app
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