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 Michael's GM Application! ;D

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I made A Few PoSt's
I made A Few PoSt's

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PostSubject: Michael's GM Application! ;D   Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:26 am

Michael (People call me Mich/Mike, or Mikey. w/e ;3)

Noxid (Probably Michael if I'm becoming a GM)

Why You want to be a GM:
I want to be a GM to help the server out, make it better, make it GROW! Very Happy , and of course: Be helpful in game too, help people with problems, ban hackers... All kind of that stuff.

Why should we pick you:
You should pick me as a GM, because I know how to handle a lot of people asking: ''CAN I BE LVL 200 PL0XX?!?!'' (that was just an example... Very Happy) And I'm very friendly, and MATURE. I won't abuse my powers, that's just stupid... like, why would you abuse your powers as a GM on a GOOD private server like this one, right?

17½ (Seventeen and a half. Very Happy)

I have a lot of experience as a GM, I've been a GM at a few servers, and I've had my OWN server, so I might be able to help you with the server.

Etc (Anything that would help us know more about you)
Well, first of all: The time I play variates, but mostly I'm playing for 6 hours+, so I'll be active. And I'm not that kind of person that joins the server to become a GM, and if I get rejected I leave, absolutely not. I like to play the server as a GM and a regular player. I will donate for the server to make it better (if it's needed) and recruit as much players as I can, (at least make them vote). And I'll do that as a regular player too, so don't worry. (;D) Some of my hobbies: I play basketball for 2 hours twice a week. I'm a person that likes to be with people, like it is when you're a GM. I can handle a lot of pressure, and won't get any ''break outs'' if I get spammed in game. My e-mail is mich.nox@hotmail.com , so feel free to add me on MSN if you want.

Thanks for taking your time to read my application, hope you enjoyed it.

Your Best,
\Michael Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Michael's GM Application! ;D   Sun Dec 21, 2008 12:47 pm

I like your Application..
-Readed and Locked-

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Michael's GM Application! ;D
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