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 Piggy's GM application.

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I madE a Post
I madE a Post

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PostSubject: Piggy's GM application.   Fri Dec 25, 2009 4:08 am

o Name : Yoko Liang

• IGN : Piggy

• Country/TimeZone : Malaysia

• Have you met the requitements? Yes, i have meet the requirement

(GM Applicants MUST: Be Over the age of 13 and speak proper English. Must be Mature, Loyal, Trustworthy, Active, Friendly, Easy to get along with, Will respect ALL the members of MapleZtory, Will not get into arguements, Have played the server for 1 week.)

• Do you speak proper English? Yes.

• How old are you? 13 male

• Why do you want to be a GM? I want to be a GM because i havn't experience it.i think everyone wanted to experience it.

• How can you help the server? I can help the server by voting,helping the newcomers,hosting events and invite more people to this server.

• If someone was hacking right in front fo you, what would you do? I will hide and sreenshort it and ban him.So if he wanted me to unban him i have prove.

•If your GM Application is not accepted, Will you quit MapleZtory? No,i will try harder to make everyone like me
and vote for me as a GM.

• Experiences? I never had experience GM.

• What events can you host? Some JQ events / Exp event / Hide and seek event using own prices.

• How will you treat other players in the game? Including other GM's. I treat them as those people who needs help .

• How often will you be on MapleZtory? Everyday when i'm free.

• Why should we pick you?I think you should pick me as GM because i am helpful,kind and never argues.

• Do You have any suggestions on how we could make the server better? (adding items into shops etc.)

I have one suggestions to make this server better : When our maplers get 500 RBs and ask them to talk to Admin or SGM to get some godly item wa 255 Timeless Spear / wa 125 Timeless Claw / wa 200 Timeless Bow/Crossbow. And 1 Etc that can prove that they have 500 RBs.

• Last word : I hope u can accept my GM application.
Very Happy
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Active Forum User
Active Forum User

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PostSubject: Re: Piggy's GM application.   Wed Jan 20, 2010 7:52 pm

Quite Lame expand on the answers Nab
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Piggy's GM application.
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