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 Snow's Gm application

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I made A Few PoSt's
I made A Few PoSt's

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PostSubject: Snow's Gm application   Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:17 am

Name :Cody A. Reagan
Age :14
Where do you live? United states,Georgia
Character Name :Snow
Can you spell properly.Yes,do not like gramma
r mistakes and can spell properly.
What's your first language?English,I can translate japanese because I have
a japanese-english dictionary where I can look up most words you would nee
d to know.
How many hours are you on a day?Its depends really some days I wont be on i
t becuase my parents take away my comp but it hasnt happened much lately every now and again so I can get "Fresh a
But i will be on 2-4 hours or more when i am on.Or more Razz
Timezone?Eastern Time Zone,GMT - 5h during Standard Time,GMT -4h during
Daylight Saving Time.
http://www.timetemperature.com/tzus/georgia_time_zone.shtml=A0If you want t
o see.
Experience.Well this would be my second time as a gm but I know all the gm c
odes and I am pretty good at helping people and if I dont know something I
look it up.I am a fast learner so you can teach me things if I need to know
something.I like making events and helping people but im not exactly sure how to make a jq could you guys teach heh geek

Myself Razz.Ok My GPA is 4.0(Last time I checked)I like playing maplestory,He
lping people,drawing,reading,chopping down trees,(No offense if your agains
t that kind of stuff Smile)breaking up fights.I love you server and im addicte
d to it Razz and once again thank you for making it.It may sound like im chee
sing up to you but I just like being nice its not chessing its just being n
ice Smile.Im smart,funny,nice,likeable and I am The master of my new guild Amo
rphous(Not that it really matters i just thought= should let you know th
at Razz)My favorite class is thief,I like pie Razz and cheesecake,and other stu
uf like k-bars,My favorite animal is dog(I have no idead why i am telling y
ou this but oh well Smile this is about me.)I want to be a gm because I would
like to help people(I already write guides in my bbs.)I like to help people
make them laugh and make them have fun because it just makes me feel good
when i do.I think being a gm will help me even more with my behaviour
skills in game even more and it will be a great responsibility for me.I al
so think being a gm will be fun and despite the fact that you get pmed a lo
t but i dont care.Ok now i'm done talking about gm.I'll talk about music Smile
.My favorite band is three days grace.Fvorite song is One-x.I aslo like bre
aking benjamin and linkin park.My favorite kind of music is Rock.Second wou
ld be techno.Third would be comedy
I have brown hair,brown eyes,expressionless face,dry sence of humor,Husky,a
nd a nice guy.I've not played the game yet becuase hamaichi is full and I hope to have fun in the future dont let
something like a meteor shower hit the earth,Goku can stop it king (Random I know...) .I hate spam and peop
le who argue about everything or are really REALLY immature.Im just human and everyone else on the earth.Everyone has a few problems
s...or a lot.

Well im done with my app.I hope you will even consider me as a choice
for a gm.Well bye!Good luck with the server Very Happy

Ps.Hands are getting tired
Pss.Sorry for writing so much
Psss.Yum cheesecake
Pssss.and pie....
Psssss.I had to throw some humor in here right? Cya for real!
Pssssss.Well not exactly I just wanted to say just because I dont have a character on Dbms doesnt mean I cant be a gm
Psssssss.Sorry but i used my more prefered layout,sorry geek
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PostSubject: Re: Snow's Gm application   Sun Dec 21, 2008 12:45 pm

Next time dont use so many smileys ok? Smile

-Readed and locked-

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Snow's Gm application
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